Monday, September 2, 2013

Anthony Weiner's campaign: it's just embarrassing

The latest polls for the New York City mayor's race--Democratic primary version--show upstart candidate Bill de Blasio with a comfortable lead over William Thompson and Christine Quinn. The RCP average puts it at just over ten points, 30.3% for de Blasio to 20.0% for Thompson and just a hair less for Quinn. Meanwhile, Anthony Weiner is sucking wind in second to last place with 10% or less of the vote, ahead of only scandal-ridden city comptroller John Liu.

But is Weiner deterred! Hell no! Despite the utter collapse of his political fortunes, following the second Twitter-based sex scandal of his political career, Candidate Weiner remains Candidate Weiner. He will not go quietly into that good night! And why should he? He's has bold and original ideas that will surely resonate with the voters. Doesn't he? One of my personal favorites:
Idea Number 72: Create a Multipurpose “Big Apple Card.”  
Undocumented New Yorkers need a way to identify themselves. But an ID card for them alone would create an unworkable stigma. If we combine the card with other services that many people need, such as food stamp benefits or ATM services, then we would have a widely-used and badly needed multipurpose “Big Apple Card.” The card could also be used as a cultural institution discount card, allowing all New York City residents lower-cost access to museums, cultural events, and other attractions.
Wait, what? To be fair, the actual Democratic contenders in the race--de Blaiso, Quinn, and Thompson--support such an idea in full (which kinda makes it very unoriginal and thus somewhat less bold). Still, it's a rather pathetic attempt at vote-buying populism, isn't it? And the gist of it would be to tax everyone who is not undocumented in order to protect (somehow) those who are, because such a program is going to cost big bucks, though the logistics of implementing it--without tipping of ICE escapes me. And in that regard, should we ever support candidates whose platforms are built on ideas about how to get around the law and federal authorities?

But I digress. This about Weiner and why he should stay in the race. The answer: because he has Big Ideas, dammit! And that's because he's an idea man. He has ideas all the time. Like this one:
Hold it! Hold it! Wait a minute! Chuck! Take live tuna fish...and feed them mayonnaise!
Okay, okay, that's not Weiner's idea. It comes from the original Idea Man, Bill Blazejowski (played by a young Michael Keaton):

Speaking of Keaton, he'd be great in the role of Weiner, whenever Hollywood gets around to making that movie, wouldn't he?

But back to the current race. Weiner is still putting himself out there (pun intended), even when only one reporter shows up to one of his press conferences. He's pushing on, enjoying photo-ops with large sausages and making an ass of himself in a parade.

He's a disgrace, a politician turned celebrity joke whose exposure is now wholly dependent on the caricature of himself created by his own failings as a human being. He represents the sickness of our current culture: a narcissism that extends so far, it is incapable of differentiating between attention and mockery. No one cares about Anthony Weiner the Politician any more. They only care--on occasion--about Anthony Weiner the slimeball, whenever an opportunity arises to portray him as such.

And Weiner plods on in his pointless campaign, wasting money given to him by supporters, buying ads and commercials that will do him no good whatsoever, and going out in public to ask for votes. Grow up, Mr. Weiner. Slink back quietly into private life. Find something else to do with your time. Try being a father and a husband (if that's still possible). You've got nothing the public needs, so stop pretending that you do.

Cheers, all.

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