Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The politicians we get, we deserve

Anthony Weiner is back in the news, apart from just his candidacy for the mayorship of New York City. And why? Apparently, when Weiner was forced to resign from his Congressional seat in disgrace for his internet "sexting" activities, when he insisted that the behavior was behind him, was over, he was lying. He resigned in June of 2011, but his sexting habits continued well into 2012, when Anthony and his wife Huma Abedin appeared in a People Magazine fluff piece and expressed how happy they were, how they had worked through the supposedly now non-existent problems that had cost Weiner his job. From the magazine article:
"Anthony has spent every day since [the scandal] trying to be the best dad and husband he can be," she says of her husband, who does all the laundry. "I'm proud to be married to him."
The dates make it clear that at the time of the People Magazine interview, Weiner was still screwing around on the internet, exchanging lewd messages and pictures with women who were not his wife. And in the press conference Weiner held yesterday, both Weiner and Abedin claimed these new revelations were in the past and were things they had already worked through.

But there's the rub: in the People Magazine piece, they claimed the problems were already in the past too, but as we now know they obviously weren't. So...Weiner and Abedin were either lying in that magazine article (which was timed for release after Weiner announced his candidacy) or they were lying at yesterday's press conference. Any way you slice it, they're liars. Both of them.

Many pundits, many people opining on the situation, are cutting Abedin a lot of slack. They're expressing sympathy for her and her situation. And I'm inclined to feel the same way at first blush. Her husband's betrayals initially came to light when she was pregnant with their first child. That's pretty rough. After he was caught, after he promised to change, he didn't and continued his behavior with the new baby in the house, a period in which Abedin apparently continued to work (for Hillary Clinton), get a lot of therapy (her words), and raise her child. That's even worse.

Or at least it would be, if Abedin hadn't basically sacrificed her self-respect for the prospect of being the wife of New York City's next mayor. Because this is exactly what she did.

Weiner himself is obviously a low-life, a pig of a human being, who deserves the heat he is getting, who--if there was true justice in this world--should simply dry up, blow away, and never be heard from again. But Abedin--whatever the initial situation was--is standing by that low-life, is publicly lying to help him. And necessarily, she went along with his choice to run for office again, despite knowing the negative press that would likely be coming down on both of them.

Then there's the child in the middle of all of this. Very young now, that child will one day learn about all of these things. I can't bring myself to imagine how hard it will be for the boy, when he first discovers some of this information.

But in the minds of Weiner, Abedin, and those who still support them none of this matters a whit. All that matters is the election, the pursuit of political power for the sake of that power, nothing more. Because let's face it, Weiner is nothing special. He has no great vision, no unique platform, no special point of view to suggests New York City--or the nation at large--is in need of his services. Why did he bother to run for office again? Why did Abedin go along with such a plan? Why did people support his choice and fund his candidacy?

In a word, they're fools. And they think everyone else are fools, as well. We can do so much better.

Cheers, all.

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  1. Four-word explanation: Winston loved Big Brother.

    Two-word explanation: Stockholm Syndrome