Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Carrey helps himself to a double standard

Apparently, all the flak Jim Carrey has been getting from his hapless and unfunny song/skit on "Funny of Die" is getting to him. First there was his press release wherein he offered a veiled threat of legal action against Fox News (or as Carrey cleverly called them, "Fux News") for supposedly slandering him. Needless to say, that press release has been mocked even more than his skit, what with the name-calling, the schoolboy bravado, and the like. Here's what he said, for those who may not have seen it:
Since I released my 'Cold Dead Hand' video on Funny or Die this week, I have watched Fux News rant, rave, bare its fangs and viciously slander me because of my stand against large magazines and assault rifles. I would take them to task legally if I felt they were worth my time or that anyone with a brain in their head could actually fall for such irresponsible buffoonery. That would gain them far too much attention which is all they really care about.  
I'll just say this: in my opinion Fux News is a last resort for kinda-sorta-almost-journalists whose options have been severely limited by their extreme and intolerant views; a media colostomy bag that has begun to burst at the seams and should be emptied before it becomes a public health issue.  
I sincerely believe that in time, good people will lose patience with the petty and poisonous behavior of these bullies and Fux News will be remembered as nothing more than a giant culture fart that no amount of Garlique could cure.  
I wish them all the luck that accompanies such malevolence.
Très classy, right? But the mockery over the above has led to yet another response from Carrey, this time by way of an article at the Huffington Post. In it, Carrey whines over the response he's been getting and assumes the role of a modern-day saint:
And to the bullies who will try to marginalize and discredit me by saying, "Shut up, you're just an actor," while they brag about what a great president the ACTOR Ronald Reagan was, who threaten me with the demise of my acting career and much worse, I say SO BE IT! How shallow do they think I am? I would trade my money, my fame, my reputation and legacy if there were the slightest chance of preventing the anguish of another Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora, or Sandy Hook Elementary School. I ask you, truly, what manner of human being would not?

I have been aghast at the level of hatred heaped upon me, my family and the people I work with over a mere difference of opinion on this issue. Perhaps my words were a bit harsh at the onset, but calling someone a "Motherfucker" is far different than wishing them to die. It is shocking to see this concerted effort to brutally intimidate anyone who speaks of a compassionate compromise.
Hilarious. Truly hilarious, in an intellectually dishonest and pathetically sad sort of way.

First though, I'd note that name-calling and threats--of any sort--are over the line. But where are the worst of such things coming from, aside from the mouth of Carrey? Internet trolls, mostly. So Carrey is calling out what? Obnoxious behavior on the internet as a response to his own obnoxious behavior on the internet.

But let's remember the gist of what was in Carrey's little song: open mockery of a  somewhat recently deceased (he passed away in 2008) iconic American figure--Charlton Heston--because of Heston's views on gun control. Thus, "a mere difference of opinion on this issue" (to use Carrey's own words) was sufficient justification for Carrey to ridicule Heston but is now supposed to be a bulwark against the ridicule Carrey believes he is unjustly receiving. Double standard to say the least.

Then there's all the phallic nonsense in the song, ridiculing everyone who has a different opinion than Carrey's. Apparently, such "clever" lyrics absolve Carrey of the intent behind the words, at least in Carrey's mind. Another double standard.

Finally, there's the totally disingenuous claim by Carrey that he would sacrifice all he has for the "slightest chance" of preventing another school shooting. As was noted elsewhere and as I repeated in my previous piece, Mother Theresa he ain't:
Speaking of character, Heston, a cinema rock star, remained married to his college sweetheart, Lydia, for 64 years. Carrey, on the other hand, followed the well-worn Hollywood path: Get famous; get rich; dump the first wife/mother of your kid(s), who stood by you during the tough times; and act out your social life in the tabs to the embarrassment of your kid(s).  
I think that's pretty much spot-on, there's a lot of truth in this small passage, a lot of evidence with regard to who is most likely going to end up on the inside of the Pearly Gates. And if one doesn't believe in the existence of such Gates, that's fine. It's still clear who is the better man here, isn't it?
Carrey has an opinion on some issues about gun control. Fair enough. But he sought to make those opinions known by insulting and ridiculing others who have a different opinion. Now he's beside himself because he's getting back exactly what he was dishing out, albeit in larger quantities. Poor little baby. Sympathy meter reads zero.

Oh, and one more thing. Words mean something, oftentimes word choice can reveal a great deal about where someone is really coming from. Carrey's piece at HuffPo contains the following passage (my boldface):
These mass shootings and daily body counts on your local news are terrible tragedies.
Not "the" local news, not "our" local news, but "your" local news. What does that little slip suggest?

Cheers, all.

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  1. Huh. I'm bummed. He's my favorite actor. He's much better at comedy than drama. :(