Thursday, March 7, 2013

Out of ammo

It's quiet out there. Too quiet.

Last night, the twitterverse was momentarily overrun with #WhyRepublicansNeedToGo, a hashtag that was intended to solicit negative tweets about Republicans. And that it did, but not in a sufficient number to push it into the Twitter "trends." That required some help from the other side of the political spectrum, from people using the hashtag to mock the left (and from people on neither side mocking all, to be fair). A sample:
  Whoever created this ignorant hashtag is on food stamps. 
  because they stand in the way of Obama killing Americans on our soil. Who are they to question his power? 
  Democrats.. Why would you say such a thing? You need us around to provide for you. 
  so chairman Obama can trample the constitution unimpeded 
My own offerings to the theme:
  to the bathroom so often? They keep drinking water during speeches... 
  Because they're getting in the way of a socialist utopia. 
  Allah said so.
Yeah I know, comic genius I'm not. The "Grumpy Cat" one, by the way, has been re-tweeted over three thousand times. But this hashtag was competing with #StandWithRand (which is still trending, by the way). It was offered up to counter the widespread--if somewhat misguided, in my opinion--support Senator Paul was getting for his filibuster.

And today, in and around pundit town, there's a noticeable scarcity of anti-Republican and anti-conservative screeds on new issues. At MotherJones, there's a story about how climate change is responsible for violence in Syria. Salon is publicly taking Jon Stewart to task for his "cowardice," while the much-vaunted MaddowBlog is busy implying that Rand Paul is some sort of Nazi, even as it kinda, sorta applauds his filibuster.

The White House, meanwhile, is noticeably quiet as it licks its wounds from the post-sequester fallout, after getting called on a series of lies in this regard. The lack of total economic collapse is obviously something it was not prepared to deal with.

And this all indicates a serious flaw in the leftist playbook: it's lost without a bogey-man. There has to be a villain to direct anger towards, to use in summoning the outrage train. Right now, the best candidate for such vilification is Eric Holder, but he's one of the "good guys," so that won't work. What to do, what to do...

Cheers, all.

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