Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Joan Walsh: hypocrite at large

I've referenced some of Joan Walsh's stupidity previously, like her silly attempt to claim any mention of entitlement reform by Republicans is based on racism, her excoriation of Maureen Dowd for criticizing Obama and Susan Rice, and her dopey assertions about Romney's tax returns. But all of these pale in comparisons to the unbelievable hypocrisy of her latest piece. Smugly entitled "How to not seem like a racist," the article takes several conservative writers to task for supposedly attacking Obama's daughters, or at least not being respectful of them:
I have some advice for right-wingers who don’t want it to seem like their anti-Obama animus is racial: Try treating his daughters with respect.
Walsh backs up her assertion by noting how there have been stories about the First Family's various vacations and ones about the girls' Secret Service protection while attending school. Somehow, in Walsh-land, this constitutes "going after" Sasha and Malia Obama. She offers the following assertion, as well:
The theme of most right-wing stories on Sasha, Malia and Michelle Obama’s vacations and leisure-time activities seems to be that they’re entitled princesses, when they do exactly the same kinds of things other presidents’ families have done throughout history.
Unsurprisingly, Walsh offers nothing in the way of evidence to back this up, no quotes that suggest such a theme at all. Rather, she uses a comment from an internet troll to "prove" her point.

Hilarious. And really, this would just be another in the long line of openly partisan, brain-dead articles by Joan Walsh, except for one thing: Walsh has actually gone after the daughters of the President, herself. Yes, you're reading that correctly. Walsh--who is demanding that the daughters of Obama be treated with respect, though they're not actually been treated with disrespect at all by my reading--doesn't feel such limitations should apply to her in the least. Hypocrisy (n.), see deceitfulness, dishonesty, pharisaism, guile, dissemblance, Joan Walsh.

Of course the daughters Walsh has slimed are not Sasha and Malia, but rather those of the previous President, Jenna and Barbara Bush. Oops. Did she think no one would remember her past foray into this game? Did she think nobody would bother to check? Or did she think her actions were justified simply because she's special? I'm guessing the latter.

In her piece from 2001, Walsh--without any tact to speak of--plays armchair psychiatrist and marks the Bush daughters as alcoholics in the making, due to their father's past and his inability to come to terms with it. From the piece:
I’d bet there hasn’t been enough communication in the WASP-y Texas Bush family, and it looks as if the first twins are acting out as a result. Even with a Secret Service detail, there are ways for young women to party, if they’re discreet. Clearly, the first twins aren’t. Their blatant risk-taking and public partying (the Secret Service waits outside the bars where they drink illegally?) seem designed to force a family reckoning that their father’s drinking never triggered.
Ah. "WASP-y." No preconceptions--based on race or religion--at work here. And then there's this:
I’m reluctant to play family therapist for a family I’ve never met, but I’d say that Bush may have gotten past voters with evasiveness about his drinking problem, but he hasn’t satisfied his daughters. And if he sticks to the sanitized, up-from-Broadmoor version of the story, he may someday find he won the White House at the cost of an honest relationship with his daughters.
Walsh is "reluctant to play family therapist," yet has no problem writing an article--and publishing it--that is full of such speculating and not much else.

And just so we're clear on the way things work in Walsh-land, talking about security measures and vacations when it comes to a President's children is over the line and is a product of racism as a matter of course, while uninformed speculation about how a President's children are "acting out" and may grow up to be alcoholics is just fine, is good journalism.

Wow. Just wow.

Cheers, all.

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