Thursday, March 21, 2013

Carney's Point update

In my previous piece on the Carney's Point picture-of-a-kid-with-a-gun-sends-DCF-into-a-tailspin incident, I said that "the DCF and the local police department has not responded to questions about this incident," and that is no longer true; it actually never was. The Carney's Point Township Police Department issued a statement on the matter yesterday that I had not seen, prior to posting my piece. Here it is, in full:

I have to say that this is pretty much what I thought would likely be the case. As I noted in my previous piece, it was the New Jersey DCF that initiated the visit. The police were obligated to accompany the DCF representative because the DCF requested a police presence. However, the statement clearly says that both the DCF and the police department received anonymous calls about the situation, i.e. the Facebook photo of Mr. Moore's son with his birthday present, a .22 rifle. It's no stretch to assume the same person was responsible for these calls.

One can't help but wonder who this person is, if he or she has an ax to grind with the Moores, was just joking around, is a nosy busybody, or had an honest and valid concern. The last seems pretty unlikely, given the facts of the situation.

But beyond all of this, note that the New Jersey Department of Children and Families has not offered any sort of statement and has not responded to any calls for comments. Why? The police statement does not offer anything with regard to the conduct of the DCF rep, positive or negative. Surely if the DCF rep had behaved entirely appropriately, either the police statement or the DCF itself would have made mention of this. No, I think we can safely assume that Mr. Moore's version of events in this regard is likely accurate: the DCF rep threatened him with the removal of his children if he failed to comply with the request to search his gun safe.

I'll wager we never hear a word about the incident from the DCF; people there are just waiting for it all to blow over because they know their person crossed a line.

Cheers, all.

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