Monday, February 18, 2013

Kenya sues Virginia over rights to "Birthplace of Presidents" moniker

The nation of Kenya filed suit in U.S. District Court today, alleging that Virginia's use of "The Birthplace of Presidents" as a slogan is a violation of international trademark law, as the Kenyan government had previously trademarked the phrase in 2008.

The move came as no surprise to insiders in the World Intellectual Property Organization at their UN offices, which had approved the Kenyan application unanimously at a secret meeting in early 2009. Said an inside source, "the State of Virginia has no business using the phrase as it has never submitted an application to this office." According to attorneys for Kenya, the nation had--in good faith--given the State several years to come up with a new phrase, but came to the conclusion that legal action was necessary, due to Virginia's inaction.

Virginia State officials could not be reached for comment.

International law expert Karl Parsnips said "It's wholly appropriate for Kenya to use the moniker. All of their presidents were born there, after all."

The lawsuit seeks an immediate cease and desist order against the State of Virginia.

This is, of course, satire. Happy Presidents' Day!

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