Thursday, October 11, 2012

The coming wave of bitterness

The latest RCP polling averages now show Romney with a slight lead over Obams, 1.5% to be precise. And that lead will likely increase over the course of the next week, as the trailing polls are updated and come to reflect the recent shift. This shift is not due to the first debate, in my opinion. Rather, it's a result of a loss of credibility for the Administration arising from the Benghazi attacks and the initial narrative--involving the YouTube video--touted by Obama and others. And I think the response to the latest BLS numbers did some damage, as well.

People don't like getting played and many are now realizing this is exactly what has been happening for some time. Will it be enough to actually win Romney the Oval Office? That remains to be seen, but certainly--right now--we have a real horse race. The Obama Campaign had hoped there really wouldn't be a race, that the numbers would keep breaking for Obama, thus discouraging the Right to the point of making November 6th an easy victory for Obama.

So what happens next? How will the Obama Campaign respond? Probably with more attacks, more negative ads. Obviously, it can no longer tout Obama's foreign policy successes. In fact, the Benghazi situation puts a damper on the whole "we got bin Laden" storyline, too. And the incredulousness that greeted the BLS numbers has prevented the Campaign from using the economy as much as it might want to now as an issue. Really, the quiver is empty for the Obama Campaign. All it can do is hammer Romney and hope he says something stupid. Well, that and keep spending money. Because Obama still has a lot to spend, make no mistake about it.

But what about the legions of Obama fanboys out there, from everyday citizens to media sycophants? How will they respond to this reversal in the polls? Angrily and bitterly, that's how. Kevin Drum, of the two faces, offered this piece two days ago. It's basically a rehashing of how Romney is "lying" because he doesn't accept the Brookings Institute's recreation of his tax plans. Drum's take on Romney's response:
Let me translate: Romney is lying about his tax plan and he knows it. When he's called on it, however, he turns around and smears the folks who pointed out his lie.
Drum bemoan's the situation poor, poor Obama is in: Romney is lying, but Obama can't stop him. Of course, Drum fails to note how Obama's deficit reduction plan--the one that would shave $4 trillion from the debt--has been exposed as a fantasy. Somehow, that doesn't matter. All that matters here is how Obama is stuck with Romney's blatant lies, never mind those of Obama. And Drum is beside himself over this, wringing his hands as he writes, because it's just not fair.

But Drum's outrage and bitterness are at least controlled. Not so for many others. Spurred on by the Obama Truth Team, the "Romney is a liar" meme is being repeated in various forms throughout the net and in real life. And at the same time, Romney's lead in the polls expands. If you listen closely, you can hear the popping sounds of exploding fanboy heads.

Cults of personality tend to lead in this direction: members just don't understand why everyone else doesn't think exactly the way they do, with regard to the fearless leader. In their minds, there is no debate, no "two sides," just what they believe and desire, nothing more. And if Obama's reelection continues to remain in doubt, it's only going to get worse. Because the "Obama as martyr" worldview has been building since the day he took office.

Cheers, all.

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