Thursday, August 23, 2012

I retract my previous statement

Back in July, I used Kevin Drum from Mother Jones as an example to display just how obvious the left-wing bias was in the media. I examined two stories by Drum--one about Republicans taking Obama out of context and one about Democrats taking Romney out of context--in order to show the double standard that exists in punditry-world. At the end of the piece, I said the following:
Drum is--by and large--a decent writer. I think he's smart and more or less honest. That puts him near the top of the class, as far as the mainstream media goes.
I hereby retract the above in full. Because based on his latest piece, it's clear that he has become a babbling idiot. Like most pundits, he's still fixated on the nothing-story of Todd Akin. In this article, Drum uses Akin as a springboard to talk about how the GOP has "no love for budget wonkery," arguing that the Ryan selection says nothing in this regard:
Conservatives are excited about Ryan because he's a true believer, not because they've developed a sudden love of budget wonkery. They would have been equally ecstatic about Bobby Jindal or Marco Rubio, and they're breathing a sigh of relief that Romney didn't pick Rob Portman or Tim Pawlenty, both of whom are plenty serious policy wonks but don't have quite the right-wing fire in their eyes that the other guys do.
I don't think Drum actually knows many conservatives, aside from those few that live inside his bubble-world. Because if he did, he'd know that the perceived serious and intellectual nature of Paul Ryan is exactly why so many are happy about the pick. In fact, the top saliva-inducing future event in the conservative world right now is the Biden-Ryan VP debate. DVRs are already being set, stills are working overtime.

And as if to confirm my contention that he knows nothing about conservatives, Drum finishes with this:
I suspect that a lot of conservatives are also suffering from the Newt Gingrich delusion here. Remember the Gingrich boomlet during the primaries? And do you remember that one of the things that got everyone excited about him was the idea that he was such a brilliant speaker that he'd mop up the debate floor with Barack Obama? Conservatives were really taken with the idea that Obama's smarts were just an illusion manufactured by the liberal media, and Gingrich was the guy who could rip away away the facade and leave Obama a quivering husk. I think they have the same delusion about Ryan.
What the hell is a "boomlet," anyway? Note to Kevin: using obscure words doesn't demonstrate intelligence, especially when you misuse them. Sure, Gingrich enjoyed some initial success, mostly because he was well known and had been a public critic of the Administration for quite a while, often appearing on various cable news shows. But the shine disappeared quickly, mostly because Gingrich is a royal ass. But also because he destroyed his own credibility as a conservative by attacking Bain Capital like he was on the Obama Campaign's payroll.

That was in January and Gingrich never recovered. He blew his one chance to get back into the race in Florida--where he does well because of the demographics, not because of ideology--by pissing off Marco Rubio, possibly one of the greatest political blunders of all times. Game over, Newt. And along the way, he was simply not getting the support of serious-minded conservatives. John Bolton, for instance, openly endorsed Romney in January, despite Gingrich's transparent attempt to get Bolton's support by offering him the position of Secretary of State.

True, there were some people talking about how Gingrich would "mop the floor with Obama" in the debates. But they were always a minority. Conservatives, as a group, said no such thing. I think the problem may be that Drum reads stuff from places like RedState and thinks such stupidity reflects the views of all conservatives, represents conservative "dogma." And I guess that's understandable in a way, since similar sites from the left like MediaMatters and the Daily Kos really do reflect liberal/progressive dogma, given that pundits like Drum largely agree with their drivel.

As to the last line from Drum, above, it really says all there is to say: he still thinks Obama's supposed intellectual prowess is a major advantage, completely ignorant of the results for this country that have resulted  from Obama's policies and decisions, unwilling to recognize the truth: Obama is in over his head. But then, so is Drum. He's lucky his employers are not smart enough to realize it. Yet.

Cheers, all.

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