Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hilarious attempt to cover up a useless initiative

I'm not sure who broke the story first. It may have been Politico. But it all came to a head today when spokesmodel Jay Carney fielded a question from a reporter. Asked why the vaunted Council on Jobs and Competitiveness has not met in over six months, Carney fumbles for an answer, ultimately giving none. Watch the exchange below:

Obama, back in January of this year, insisted that the Council wasn't just for show, was a solid, legitimate initiative that would help with the economic recovery. And of course, we all know Obama has been "focused like a laser" on job creation for, what? Two years now? More? Yet, according to Carney, Obama has "too much on his plate" to bother with the Jobs Council.

That's comforting.

The story is moving rapidly through the 'net and various media outlets. The Romney Campaign has already pounced on it. Time for damage control. And in that regard, check this out. That's the "about" page on the Job Council's official website. Look at the date at the top: Thursday July 19th, 2012. That's tomorrow. Someone has quickly fired up their computer at the Council and stuffed in an "about" piece that suggests the Council is actively engaged with the President, despite the latter having "too much on his plate" and the former not having met in six months. And look at the final paragraph from the "about" page:
Despite the hard times and anxieties that too many Americans now face, Council members are united in their conviction that America’s best days lie ahead. But we need a sense of urgency and a bias for action. We won’t make progress together unless each of us is willing to change. As you’ll learn from this report, when it comes to accelerating a siting permit or issuing visas, there are always a hundred reasons to delay action. But there are 25 million other reasons to act now. When 25 million Americans who want full-time work can’t find it, each of us has a duty to think and act differently. These are not ordinary times. We owe it to our fellow citizens desperate to get back to work to act on these common-sense ideas without delay.
Looks a lot more like a campaign ad than a description of what the Council is actually doing. And the whole thing is a set-up--with the "common sense ideas"--to play the "both sides agree" card again. What a joke.

Cheers, all.

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