Friday, May 11, 2012

Obama Enemies List becomes Hit List

Previously, I addressed the Obama campaign's Truth Team website. I noted then that the "Keeping GOP Honest" portion of the site appeared to be compiling something of an "enemies list":
The piece then goes on to list and slime eight people who are major contributors to Romney's campaign. Not politicians, but private individuals with a variety of backgrounds. About one, the bit makes a point of noting that he is a lobbyist for energy and oil companies. Another is an oil company executive. And a third made money from trading oil futures. And these facts about private individuals are supposed to make us shake our heads and go "shame, shame on Romney."
The donors and their motives are also described in this way on the site:
...Wealthy individuals with less-than-reputable records. Quite a few have been on the wrong side of the law, others have made profits at the expense of so many Americans, and still others are donating to help ensure Romney puts beneficial policies in place for them.
And if that's not enough, the Truth Team also sent out individual tweets to followers, each with the specific name of one of the donors listed. One of these folks is Frank VanderSloot, CEO of Melaleuca, Inc. The bit on the site accuses VanderSloot--a private individual, remember--of being "litigious, combative, and a bitter foe of the gay rights movement." As evidence, this article from Mother Jones is cited. Scroll to the bottom of the piece--written by Stephanie Mencimer--and note all of the updates and corrections. Not very well researched, was it? But then, as should be clear, it was nothing more than a partisan hit piece from the beginning.

Now, however, Vandersloot has become even more of a target. Kimberly Strassel at the WSJ details the latest. Her story picks up shortly after the Truth Team list first went up on April 20th of this year:
About a week after that post, a man named Michael Wolf contacted the Bonneville County Courthouse in Idaho Falls in search of court records regarding Mr. VanderSloot. Specifically, Mr. Wolf wanted all the documents dealing with Mr. VanderSloot's divorces, as well as a case involving a dispute with a former Melaleuca employee.

Some digging revealed that Mr. Wolf was, until a few months ago, a law clerk on the Democratic side of the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. He's found new work. The ID written out at the top of his faxes identified them as coming from "Glenn Simpson." That's the name of a former Wall Street Journal reporter who in 2009 founded a D.C. company that performs private investigative work.

The website for that company, Fusion GPS, describes itself as providing "strategic intelligence," with expertise in areas like "politics." That's a polite way of saying "opposition research."
Be sure to read her entire piece. It's the underside of the politics of personal destruction, as played by the American Left.

Now, Mr. VanderSloot is a public target, not because he actually did anything bad, or even because he said bad things (his attempts to correct false allegations against him are pointedly ignored), but because--apparently--he dared to give money to the Romney campaign and a Romney SuperPac. In the eyes of the President's people, that makes him a target. Fair game, as it were.

It's a disturbing chain of events and there's no reason to suppose it won't happen again, to other foes of the Administration. Watch your backs.

Cheers, all.

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