Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Clinton in, Biden out?

Back in October of last year, I talked about the possibility of Biden stepping away from the office of VP for the 2012 Election, with Hillary Clinton taking over for the campaign:
There's been some talk of switching out Biden for Clinton in the veep slot for the coming election (Biden would take over as Secretary of State) and I have to admit buying into the possibility. But that was because Biden had been relatively quiet for some time; I had actually started to forget how badly he could screw things up. Now that he's once again in the public eye, it's clear that the switch would make no sense at best, and would be dangerous at worst.
One might think that Biden's recent penchant for gaffes would increase the likelihood for such a switcheroo, but it's really the exact opposite, at least for political strategists with a clue, at any rate. For dumping Biden when he's actively engaged in the campaign would be a tacit admission that he's a liability, that Obama erred in selecting him, and make moving him to State look like a pay-off. And right now, there's no doubt that Biden is actively engaged. This afternoon in New Hampshire (of all places), Biden delivered this precious bit of brain-dead commentary:

Biden says "Imagine where we'd be if the Tea Party hadn't taken control of the House of Representatives," and frankly that thought makes me shudder. Imagine, indeed. Imagine where we'd be if Nancy Pelosi was still speaker of the House, imagine how many more trillions would have been added to the debt. It boggles the mind.

The Vice President also tries to place nice. Kind of. He calls the Tea Party members in Congress "honorable people," thus demonstrating that he respects them and their constituents, right? Yet he then proceeds to claim that they are single minded in their purpose:
They have one overwhelming goal: prevent President Obama from a second term, with no - apparently no care of the consequences to the economy.
Get that? They're "honorable," but only care about getting rid of Obama. They could not care less--according to Biden--about the economy and therefore about the country as a whole. Why the "honorable" appellation, then? Certainly, no one who is targeting another for no valid reason could be honorable.

But that's Biden thinking--wrongly, obviously--that he's clever, that he can dish out baseless attacks coupled with backhanded compliments and no one will be the wiser. And from a purely strategic standpoint, singling out the Tea Party here was six ways stupid. It's just another sound bite to add to the arsenal. The President, of course, has already openly mocked the Tea Party crowd. And that mocking played no small part in the 2010 Elections Republican avalanche of success.

So, here's Biden going down the same road that cost his party the House. But again, he's right in line with the President's past comments. How can he be replaced now without making the President look foolish? But replaced he must be, if the President has any hope of carrying States like Virginia, Ohio, and Florida.

Only one way: cite "health reasons." Biden, of course, will be forced to end his public service career entirely. There's no way he can switch over to State under such circumstances. Look for Biden to start having uncontrollable coughing fits and inexplicable headaches. It might be a tumor...

Cheers, all.

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  1. OK. I have to say that Obama was brilliant in picking Joe for a VP. The secret Service now knows that Joe is one heartbeat away from being President. I'm sure Obama is getting extra special top secret protection just to make sure that doesn't happen.