Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jay Carney: idiot

The latest White House press briefing, featuring Jay Carney:

During the Q&A portion, Carney says--as reported at RCP (which also has a shorter clip, for those that don't want to watch the whole thing)--the following:
In terms of Keystone, as you all know, the history here is pretty clear. And the fact is because Republicans decided to play political with Keystone, their action essentially forced the administration to deny the permit process because they insisted on a time frame in which it was impossible to completely approve the pipeline.
Got that? The administration was forced to deny the permit.
Pressed by Jake Tapper on the administration's efforts to improve the economy, Carney later says this:
But the President didn't turn down the Keystone pipeline. There was a process in place, with long precedent, run out of the State Department because of the issue of the pipeline crossing an international boundary, that required an amount of time for proper for review after an alternate route was deemed necessary through Nebraska at the request of the Republican Governor of Nebraska and other stakeholders in Nebraska and the region that needed to play out, to be done appropriately. You can't review and approve a pipeline, the route for which doesn't even exist.
So according to Carney, the administration was forced to deny the permit for the pipeline, yet somehow Obama didn't actually turn down the pipeline. And even more hysterically, he then accuses the Republicans of playing politics on the issue, while he is playing politics in the briefing:
The Republicans were the ones who unfortunately decided because they were looking for scalps, I guess, or wins in a situation where they somehow found themselves on the wrong side of cutting taxes for 160 million Americans last December. They decided to play politics with this decision and attack the payroll tax cut extension. Even though it was made clear by the State Department that doing so would make it impossible for them to conduct the review responsibly, they did it anyway knowing what the result would be.
Because of course--as we all know--the payroll tax holiday is not actually a tax cut and will do nothing more than increase the debt.

Way to go, Jay.

Cheers, all.

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