Friday, February 3, 2012

Best title ever!

Mickey Kaus over at The Daily Caller takes a run at Ryan Lizza's piece that I previously critiqued in "The Ministry of Truth." My essential point of contention was Lizza's repetition of "the Stimulus saved us all and everyone agrees with that" lie. Kaus hits a different note, finding that the Lizza piece paints a picture of a President just toeing the party line, as opposed to the deep thinking bridge-builder (thwarted by evil Republicans at every turn) that his fans in the media would have us believe he is.

Kaus called the article "What Does Obama Do All Day?" And frankly, it's a pretty good question. Not literally, mind you, but in the abstract. We know the President deals with all kinds of minutiae throughout the day. There are reports to read and review. Countless (I assume) meetings with various aides, cabinets people, other politicians, and the like. Calls to make and to answer, along with time spent on researching and preparing speeches, programs, and legislation. There's just a lot to do. No way around it.

But as Kaus points out, Lizza's piece makes Obama look like kind of a figurehead, as someone not really participating in the game, just doing what he's required and expected to do. Obama is given a set of options for different issues and simply checks off a choice, but the options are apparently designed in such a way that only one of them makes sense.

Really, this sounds a lot more like the previous President, at least according to his critics and enemies. Bush was supposedly the guy that needed things dumbed down for him, right? Yet if we take Lizza's depiction at face value--as Kaus does--it would appear Obama is the guy out of his depth.

Or maybe the description works for both of them, but Obama is just a little sharper and makes his check marks a little faster, thus giving him more time in the day for other things. Because we need to understand how Obama is able to play more golf and hold more fundraisers than his predecessors, don't we?

Cheers, all.

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