Sunday, January 8, 2012

How much more Newt can we take?

Article first published as Put a Sock in it Newt on Technorati.

It's getting embarrassing, this non-stop caterwauling about Romney from the former Speaker. Today on Good Morning America, Gingrich predicted the arrival of the "conservative alternative" to Romney. No doubt, he sees himself as the savior, but modesty prevented him from saying that.

Well okay, not modesty. Just practicality, as Gingrich hopes to garner support from candidates that drop out, while simultaneously hedging his bets in case there is another savior, who would then be free to choose the mighty Newt as a running mate.


There's no question that Romney is far from being a hardline conservative, but these incessant attacks--that he's not a "real" conservative--grow tiresome. Hell, in my opinion Gingrich is miles away from true conservative land. He's an old school Washington insider who is every bit as comfortable having drinks with lobbyists, journalists, and party operatives as are Pelosi, Reid, and company (which is to say he's very comfortable in this regard, just in case I'm not being clear).

As to Romney, he's far from an ideal candidate, but so what? How often is there an ideal candidate? Romney can lead. Romney understands how the economy works far better than the current administration, and if he wins Romney--if he actually wanted to do some terrible liberal thing--will be constrained by a GOP-controlled House and possibly a GOP-controlled Senate.

So instead of riding Romney day and night, tell us about yourself, Newt...

Wait! Cancel that! Nevermind! I'm not really asking! Gahhhhhhhh...too late...

Because if there's one thing Newt like to talk about, it's himself and how fan-tabulous he is, in terms very much reminiscent of that equally subdued ego Al Gore. As Dana Milbank thoughtfully details, Newt is--in his own mind--personally responsible for pretty much every good thing, and is also somewhat of a Renaissance man, to boot.

From destroying the Soviet Empire, to developing the Laffer Curve, to being a movie star and bestselling novelist, there's nothing this man can't do, it would seem. Except not come across like an arrogant jerk.

As Bebe Jesus said to John Norman Howard, "We're bored with you man!"

Don't tell me: Newt can identify the source of that quote without looking it up and was probably on the set during filming..

Cheers, all.


  1. :)
    It's still a pity that the Repubs appear to have a very promising upcoming stars (Ryan, Christie, Rubio etc) and that none of them (imo rightly) chose to run this time. Maybe Pawlenty shouldn't have dropped out that early :)

    P.S. By the way, if as polls predict, Romney wins SC, it's officially over.

  2. Yeah, I think it's already over. But regardless, I've had quite enough of Newt. An annoying little prick, to say the least.