Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Who's your favorite Newt?

Is it the take-no-prisoners, remorseless front man for the 1994 GOP revolution? Or maybe it's the not-so-behind-the-scenes not-really-a-lobbyist Washington insider? Or perhaps, the newly mature candidate who refuses to point fingers at his fellow Republican candidates, the one that has recaptured the public's admiration? Or maybe it's the literary giant with so many wonderful seminal works carrying such original titles like A Contract With The Earth?

Me, my favorite Newt is the one that had the good sense to hide from the Aliens:

The other ones? I don't have much use for any of them, to be honest.

Newt's an interesting guy, no doubt. And he has done some good work for the nation and for his own political party. He's also stepped in it more times than I can count. And as Jennifer Rubin notes, he's got a couple of deep-seated personality problems, to put it mildly:
This routine reveals two of Gingrich’s central flaws: an impulsiveness that convinces him every loopy idea that comes into his head is pure gold and a complete lack of honesty in coming clean (as in the Freddie Mac episode, when he insists he wasn’t “lobbying”).
But for some reason, large portions of the media and the punditry still like him, still believe he's "one of the adults in the room."

I think he's a modern version of Jeremy Bentham, a man gifted with some insights and a formidable intellect, but plagued by a tendency to believe his sometimes superficial and naive observations are actually novel and deep. And oddly enough, I'd bet that if Newt heard he had been compared to Bentham, he'd take it as a great compliment.

Cheers, all.

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