Sunday, November 20, 2011

Same old song with a few new lines

In the NYT today, Pulitzer Prize winner Nicholas Kristof offers some mindless cheering, some conspiracy claptrap, and this gem of a claim:
The high ground that the protesters seized is not an archipelago of parks in America, but the national agenda. The movement has planted economic inequality on the nation’s consciousness, and it will be difficult for any mayor or police force to dislodge it.
Rather than poking holes in the "high ground" bit with example after example of Occupy movement folks behaving badly, I'd just like to make one point, with regard to the idea that, somehow, this movement is responsible for planting "economic inequality on the nation’s consciousness":

IS STUPID! Is stupidest theory I ever heard!

Where have you been for the last, oh, several decades or so, Mr. Kristof? Economic or income inequality has been a topic of media probing for that long, at least, and a staple of leftist ideology for much longer than that. The only people pointing to such an achievement by the Occupy movement, the only pondering this are the people that have been bitching about it all along. Geeze.

Cheers, all.

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