Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Not good enough

Attorney General Eric Holder--testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee--attempted to explain away his apparent misstatements and justify his actions, with regard to Operation Fast and Furious. As reported by The Hill:
On Tuesday, Holder clarified his remarks, saying that he first learned about Fast and Furious and its gun-walking tactics after news reports emerged based on the concerns of whistleblowers. He said he immediately asked for an inspector general (IG) investigation. 
“I first learned about the tactics and the phrase ‘Operation Fast and Furious’ at the beginning of this year — I think when it became a matter of all of this public controversy,” Hold said. 
“In my testimony before the House Committee, I did say ‘a few weeks.’ I probably could have said ‘a couple of months.’ I don't think that what I said in terms of using the term ‘a few weeks’ was inaccurate, based on what happened.”
Sorry Mr. Holder, but that horse won't run.

It's quite obvious that the Attorney General failed in his responsibilities, here. He either ignored the briefings he was receiving on the operation or he had no problem with the operation, as I noted once before. Saying now--while before Congress and under intense pressure--that he "immediately" began an investigation (he's the AG, he doesn't ask, he tells) is so self-serving and so unlikely to be true that  the statement, alone, impeaches any possible credibility that Holder might still have. If it were true, he would have made it known back in May. And frankly, six months should have been sufficient time for this supposed investigation to have been completed.

The admin is starting to look foolish in standing by Holder, as bad as the Bush admin looked in standing by Michael Brown after his inept handling of the Hurricane Katrina aftermath. It's amazing how little politicians seem to learn from history.

Regardless, Holder has had screw up after screw up.

He's easily the worst AG in my adult lifetime. And that's saying something...*cough*Waco*cough*

Beyond that, isn't Fast and Furious one of the dumbest names ever for a government op? Who thinks up this crap? Might as well call it Operation Petticoat. At least that was a good movie.

Cheers all.

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