Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Why let Biden loose, at all?

Vice President Joe Biden has consistently made a fool of himself since the 2008 Election. From talking about FDR going on TV as President in 1929 (there were hardly any TVs and Hoover was still President), to sitting around like a dimwit at the Beer Summit, to falling asleep during Presidential speeches, Biden is a gaffe-machine. Really, he makes Dan Quayle look good, and that's saying something.

Michelle Malkin reports on Biden's latest round of gross stupidity:
Biden’s office is now calling for an official investigation of a young editor who dared to question His Highness. Jason Mattera of the conservative-leaning Human Events magazine confronted the veep last week on his hysterical claims that rape and murder would increase if Congress didn’t ram through the half-trillion-dollar White House jobs bill... 
Never mind that the statistics in Flint actually show no correlation between crime rates and the number of police officers in the city. It’s never about the facts. It’s about the shameless demonization of Biden’s and Obama’s political opponents — and those in the press who would dare question their doom-and-gloom narratives.
It's not enough for Joe Biden to make an utter fool of himself, he needs to hammer it home by attacking the people that witness his stupidity and dare to call him on it, it would seem.

The question I have is this: why now? Certainly, everyone in the admin knows about Biden's propensity to screw up. Given the current political climate--with the President's numbers going South and with everyone just looking for something to criticize--why is Biden on the loose?

There's been some talk of switching out Biden for Clinton in the veep slot for the coming election (Biden would take over as Secretary of State) and I have to admit buying into the possibility. But that was because Biden had been relatively quiet for some time; I had actually started to forget how badly he could screw things up. Now that he's once again in the public eye, it's clear that the switch would make no sense at best, and would be dangerous at worst.

Of course, some on the left just don't see it that way, at all. Margaret Carlson at Bloomberg actually thinks Biden has been great as a VP and writes off his gaffes as no big deal:
Once in office, a few vice presidents have been notably troublesome. Dan Quayle was just too lightweight to pass muster, which is why an added “e” on “potato” caused such a stir; there was little substance to counterbalance the gaffe. Spiro Agnew was corrupt. Dick Cheney was sufficiently toxic after having led the cheer for war in Iraq, and for torture in black sites around the world, that he volunteered to resign, telling President George W. Bush that he would bow out for “medical reasons” should Bush request it. 
On the other hand, Joe Biden is about as good as vice presidents get...
Biden’s no Quayle, and he’s no Cheney. He’s done everything he’s been asked to do and done it well. This veep’s a keeper.
Now, I agree that dumping Biden wholesale is unlikely. And I think the switch would be dangerous. But let's get real: Biden is a Quayle. He's held up as an "expert," yet he's noticeably absent from and silent during major policy initiatives. Whenever he's "hits the road," he makes an ass of himself.

He's not going anywhere, it looks like, at this point in time. Best to put him back in the closet before he hurts himself. If Obama wins in 2012, he can step down gracefully for health reasons or the like, then maybe someone that could actually help the admin can step into his large clown shoes.

Cheers, all.

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