Sunday, October 2, 2011

Rockin' at Camp Perry

The media is all abuzz over a WaPo article by Stepanie McCrummen detailing the history of a large stone present at the entrance to a hunting camp in Texas belonging to Rick Perry's family. Appaerently, the area was once called "Niggerhead" and that name was inscribed/painted on said large stone at said entrance.

According to the article, Perry claims his father painted over it at one point in time, then--eventually--Perry had the stone turned over. Personally, I don't much care for Perry. And--as I noted in a previous post--I think he should just pack it in and go back to Texas.

But really, is this rock story that significant? Did it actually require a reporter to interview a score or more of people and trace the history of the stone and hunting camp.

Byron York is openly mocking the story on Twitter, noting that:
After quick Nexis search, it appears 3200-word WaPo story on rock at Perry's rented hunting camp…is longer than anything WaPo published on 20-year relationship of Barack Obama and Rev. Wright.
For those that may have forgotten, Reverend Jeremiah Wright is the pastor of Trinity Church--Obama's church--in Chicago and was designated by the President as one of his mentors. Wright coined the notable phrases "the audacity of hope," "not God bless America, God damn America," and "them Jews aren't gonna let him (Obama) talk to me."

York seems to have a pretty good point.

Cheers, all.

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