Saturday, September 3, 2011

You're a Racist! He's a Racist! I'm a Racist! Everyone is a Racist!

(warning: rant on the way)

MSNBC contributor Richard Wolffe:
The interesting question is: What is it about this president that has stripped away the veneer of respect that normally accompanies the Office of the President? Why do Republicans think this president is unpresidential and should dare to request this kind of thing? It strikes me that it could be the economic times, it could be that he won so big in 2008 or it could be, let's face it, the color of his skin.
What is this fantasy world that the current crop of talking heads are living in? Wolffe's statement was in regard to the recent brouhaha over the conflicting dates of Obama's speech and a GOP debate, something I recently blogged about. It's bad enough that elected leaders act like obnoxious high school students, now we are also treated to this kind of nonsensical spiel by media pundits.

Really, Mr. Wolffe? That's how it strikes you, the "veneer of respect" has been stripped away from Obama's Presidency because of the color of his skin? Were you even conscious during the previous Administration? Are you actually gonna claim that George Bush was treated with respect, as a matter of course, by his political opponents? And let's not forget Bill Clinton. Were his foes oh-so-respectful of him, throughout his Presidency?

Granted, there are racists out there. And granted, Obama--being the first black President--is targeted by these sub-humans in ways that simply couldn't happen with past Presidents. Of course, let's not forget that many of the members of the glorious left in this nation had no problem calling Condoleezza Rice a "house nigger," but I guess that's different. Somehow.

Regardless, politics is a dirty game, played--by and large--by dirty people. That's been the case for thousands of years. Truly, most people have no sense of history. At all.

And one thing more--at the risk of getting slammed as racist, myself--Obama is petty. And he speaks down his nose at those that don't share his vision, that have the nerve to question him. This has been true since he took office, and before. Of all the politicians in this country, the one that should rise above pettiness and engaging in cheap insults is the President. He's supposed to be the leader of the entire nation, after all. And he can delegate political retaliations to others.Let's face it, that's what Bush did. And Clinton. And Reagan. Obama? Nope. Not a chance.

Cheers, all.


  1. Mr. Wolffe appears to have been blinded by the holy light emanating from our President. Blinded to the degree that he really believes Presidents have never before been marred by the dirty business of everyday politics. In his world Vice President Burr never shot and killed former Treasury Secretary Hamilton, nobody ever shouted "Ma, Ma, where's my Pa? Gone to the White House, ha, ha, ha" to Grover Cleveland, and the Speaker of the House and Senate Majority leader never called Dubya a liar.

  2. I may be mistaken, but wasn't there a number of accusations leveled at a former President about something called the "October Surprise," as well? And let's not forget Dan Rather and his phony story... :)

  3. Dan Rather so desperately wanted that story to be true that he went with it without proper vetting. I guess at least you have to admire his....well, no, actually you don't.