Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hoffa? I thought he was dead...

In another one of those memes that will not die, Jimmy Hoffa, Jr.'s speech from Monday, September 5th continues to inspire editorials, questions from reporters, and demands for repudiation.

The White House--unsurprisingly--has been wishy-washy on the issue. But partisan flaming and media baiting aside, there really is something here. The White House knows it, the people that live to defend the current admin know it, everyone knows it.

The game of "the tea party uses too much violent rhetoric" is over. It had been a good game, it yielded great results, but no more thanks to Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. And coupled with the debt ceiling debacle, that game had been sufficient ammunition (pardon my language) for the dems to put a real dent in the tea party movement.

Now, any protest about "targeting" candidates, "cross-hairs," or "second amendment remedies" will be answered with--aside from the past unexplained rhetoric of the left--"but Hoffa's language was okay, right?" On messageboards in cyberspace, arguments about this are a wonder to behold. The reaching, the stretching to absolve Hoffa, de-link him from the democrats or the admin, or argue that his language really wasn't so bad is high art...or high comedy.

But the whole affair continues to gloss over a reality: violent imagery and violent metaphors are standard fare in politics, in sports, in pretty much everything. And that's been true for a long, long time. The calls for a "return to civility" are crap. When was there civility? Oh I know, when Chamberlain was negotiating with Hitler...

Heh, I Godwined by own blog.

Cheers, all.

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