Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Angry Eyes

Kenny Loggins--an unknown young talent, a songwriter but not yet a performer--met Jim Messina in 1970. Messina was working as a producer, after a music career with the legendary Buffalo Springfield and the not-so-shabby Poco. The original plan was for Messina to produce Loggons' album, to help him get his career going, since most agreed that Loggins had a real talent for writing songs. But they hit it off too well and rather than making a Loggins solo album, they ended up with would could only be called their album. They had become a duo.

That first album--released in 1971--was entitled Sittin' In and rather than being attributed to the duo, it was released as by Kenny Loggins with Jim Messina. While it yielded no hits for Loggins and Messina, a number of the songs were covered by other artists, often with excellent results. The album is a beautiful thing, from start to finish. Don't own it? Buy it.

In 1972, they released their first album as an official duo, simply titled Loggins and Messina. On it is one of their best know songs, "Your Mama Don't Dance." But it's the last song on that album that I'm interested in: "Angry Eyes." Ahead of its time in many ways, Angry Eyes heralds the coming seventies American album-oriented rock. To this day, it remains a mainstay on  classic rock stations' playlists. And I'd wager that most people who have heard it know it instantly when they hear the first bars, but have no idea that it was made all the way back in 1972. Don't think you know it? Give a listen.

Cheers, all.

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